An artwork inspired by the top good luck symbol of our time: Horseshoe.

Legend has it that the Devil had come to Saint Dunstan to have his own horse shod. But instead, the blacksmith suddenly grabbed hold of the Devil’s foot and with strong determination nailed the horseshoe to the devil’s hooves. The Devil was in such agony that he agreed with Dunstan's condition: Never to enter any house with a horseshoe hung above the door.

This sleek bracelet is a tribute to that amazing tale. Masculinity and industrial modernity blend, resulting in a simple yet remarkable design that makes a statement.

Your best choice for a street smart casual look. Skillfully crafted from genuine leather of highest standard.

  • Material: Genuine Leather, Stainless Steel
  • Length: 17 - 21 cm (6.69 - 8.27 inches)