Rauhankatu 10, Helsinki 00900, Finland

About us


What makes a brand immortal?

Perfection, perhaps.
That's what I decided when starting Immortius. From the moment our first jewelry was crafted, only the best materials have been adopted, handed over to the most skilled artisans in the region. Every piece of jewelry has a unique concept and a story behind that touches the heart and the mind.
We were creating the perfect items for our customers.

Until we realized: We will always be one more step away from perfection.
There is always another gap to fill. Another aspect to improve on. Another desire to meet. Perhaps there’s no destination in this quest of perfection.

But we still pursue it anyway.

Just like you trying so hard to turn your good into great, your great better than best.
The kind of stubbornness that never lets you and I rest on our laurels.

Today Immortius is all about unceasingly pushing our limits, not just to meet demands, but to leave you in awe. No matter how much of a gentleman you are, we have our ways to further advance your look.
Every single day, until the end of our time.

That is how an immortal legacy should be built.

- Henri and Immortius team -