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Symbolism in jewelry around the world

Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry and wonder about its special meaning? Is it the style that makes you wonder? Or the symbol itself? Jewelry, in fact, holds significant symbolism behind it. Let’s discover those meanings with Immortius.

Star of David

Most people think the Star of David relates to Judaism. But this symbol has been around since the medieval era. The symbol features two triangles positioned to form a six-point star. It is believed that each compartment represents an aspect of our life. Seven compartments - Seven crucial aspects: Kindness - Severity - Harmony - Perseverance - Splendor - Royalty - Foundation.

David's Star Leather Bracelet

Celtic Jewelry

Symbols in Celtic culture often portray the relationships and connections of all things in our mysterious cosmos. Celtic symbols can be seen on all kinds of jewelry from necklaces to rings:

Celtic Knot: this is the most recognizable Celtic symbol. It features interwoven loops and often used in necklaces, earrings. The symbol stands for interconnectedness as the curving lines weave back and forth around each other, creating an endless loop. The unique design is also believed to represent timelessness.

Trinity Knot: same as the Celtic knot, this symbol has no visible beginning or ending, with the lines weaving around one another. But the main difference is the Trinity knot only has three curved edges. From the religious aspect, three points stand for Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Trinity knot is often worn for protection. This symbol also stands for love and honor, making it popular for engagement jewelry.

Trinity Necklace


One of the most popular symbols of ancient Egypt, the Ankh has made its way in the symbolism world. "The key of life", a beautiful representation of mortal existence and the afterlife. Stealing the spotlight throughout history, this symbol has been held by deities and passed down to pharaohs as the ultimate key to the gates of eternal life.

Key of Life Ring

Tree of Life

Tree of Life symbol

Tree of life is one of the most popular symbols in modern jewelry. It appears everywhere, from necklace to bracelet. With many curving branches and visible roots, this symbol represents the connection of heaven, earth, and also the underworld. Tree of Life has many meanings, depending mainly on the culture, for example:

Family: the most well-known meaning of this symbol. Tree of Life jewelry might stands for how your family continues to grow and spread out and yet, stay connected.

Growth: As the branches continue to grow and stretch, this symbol reminds everyone to continue stretching and growing. It also represents a solid, firm base from which an individual can feel safe and sound to mature.

Life and Death: All of the natural cycle of the tree, from the loss of leaves in winter followed by new growth in spring, represents Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Beaded Jewelry

Despite the birth of new styles of jewelry, beaded jewelry remains as a common piece which can be worn by both genders. But to some cultures in the world, beaded jewelry is much more than just a piece of jewelry. For example:

Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egyptians loved jewelry. They wore a variety of collars, necklaces, bracelets; each enhanced with different symbols. Beaded jewelry from that time often consisted of several strands of beads. The more powerful and wealthy the person, the wider and more precious the beaded jewelry.

Greece: in Greek culture, Komboloi is a type of jewelry formed by strings of glass or amber beads. Komboloi started out like a rope knotted rope with each knot is a prayer. But in modern days, Komboloi is a stress reliever or for mediation purposes.

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Time Bracelet

Other symbols in jewelry

There are so many other symbols often appear in jewelry. Let’s explore these symbols and their meanings:

Anchor: represents hope, challenges, and new dreams.

Anker Leather Bracelet

Cross: appears on all types of jewelry of the Christian faith. People wear it to declare their faith and beliefs.

Holy Leather Bracelet

Arrows: symbolizes the strength and courage to move forward. Sometimes, it also represents protection.

Horseshoe: is a universal symbol of luck.

Horseshoe Leather Bracelet

Dragon: represents force and strength. It also provides protection and prosperity.

Fury Dragon Bracelet

Bats: delivers a message of luck, happiness, and longevity.

Picking a piece of jewelry is basically picking a piece that stands for who you are, what you believe. Jewelry is a cherished keepsake. Find your own special piece, the piece that screams YOU.

Do you have any pieces of jewelry that are so meaningful to you?
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