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Men's Bracelets: Top Good Value Brands You Should Know in 2018

Men's bracelets. There was a time when finding a stunning bracelet with affordable price was challenging. Not any more.

This new age has greeted many amazing contemporary jewelry brands, offering men like us a whole new horizon of choices. We have put together a list of 4 noticeable brands of various categories, promising to elevate your outfits without costing a fortune.


1. Miansai

If you're a simple guy who just wants to "try" jewelry with making a huge investment, you've found the right place. Miansai bracelets are nothing but elegant simplicity, built for men to offset against the dainty type. Many of the designs are heavily inspired by rope materials, giving a carefree vibe that can't go wrong with your daily attire.

2. Immortius

Nothing can quite compare to the leather spirit for a gentleman, and Immortius understands that pretty well. Exquisite craftsmanship and superlative material quality combined, their leather bracelets boast a soul and an attitude. Whether well dressed or down-to-earth, refined or approachable, you can find (or define) your favorite styles with their collections.

Discover their New Arrivals Collection here.

3. Peyote Bird

For a wide ride to Native and American heritage, you may find in Peyote Bird jewelry. Their simplistic style and use of archetypal figures, straight lines, shapes, spheres and crescents offer an earthy element of simplicity to a complicated world, inspiring a true appreciation for handmade art. Highly influenced by the American West spirit, the main materials you'll find is turquoise and sterling silver.

4. Thomas Sabo

For sophistication, ask Thomas Sabo. Ever since establishment, Thomas Sabo has proudly labeled themselves as a unique mix of glamour and Rock ‘n’ Roll, nostalgia and the modern. Expressive, eccentric with a focus on precise details, their bead and silver cuff bracelets are definitely worth your try.

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19 June, 2019

Jerry O'Reilly

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