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Dos and Don'ts of Men's Leather Bracelet

Without exaggeration, leather is your universal passport in fashion world. When it comes to leather bracelets, you can say the same thing. A leather bracelet is the epitome of refined yet casual elegance, while signaling your rebel without going overboard.

But there's an art of wearing leather bracelets you need to master. Follow these rules, and you're free to thrive in this styling game.

Do: Consider the vibe you want to give off

Not all leather bracelets emanate the same attitude. If you're into an edgy, rebellious rock'n'roll style, something like this may be an ideal choice.

Yet for a more sophisticated feel, a subtle leather braided bracelet like below turns out to be brilliant. A simple but refined gentleman is the impression you'll get with it.

Immortius Horseshoe leather braceletHorseshoe Leather Bracelet

  Or perhaps an artistic touch could breathe a new life into your outfit?

Tribes leather bracelet

Tribes Leather Bracelet

Don't: Fear to experiment with colors and textures

Without a doubt, black and brown are the safest option that just can't go wrong on your wrist. But don't tie yourself to certain rules. There is a world of fascinating colors out there, waiting to be explored.

Go bold and try red, for example. Daring and powerful, red also represents passion, lust and romance. But most importantly, it demands attention. So don't be afraid to try this color on a dynamic day.

Tsunami Leather Bracelet

Tsunami Leather Bracelet

The same goes for textures. Most of the time, gentlemen are used to smooth surfaces that translate a modern vibe. That's why it'll make an interesting difference if you decide to go rugged and natural. Just look at this awesome bracelet.

Draco leather bracelet

Draco Leather Bracelet

Don't: Go overboard

There is a fine line between being confident and overwhelming. Often, this happens when bracelet stacking goes a bit too far. Too many bracelets, or styles, or colors can lead you down the same disastrous path.

So be brave, but watch out!

There is nothing wrong with each accessory. But together, the leather and bead bracelets seem to create a tension and threaten to steal the spotlight from the watch. You want your bracelets to complement the timepiece, not become the center of attention.

Do: Layer with your watch

Together, a bracelet and a watch can rock your outfit. They complement each other and most often, become a powerful combo to capture people's attention. But play it wisely.

There is no strict rules when it comes to mix and match, but look for connections between the two. By "connections" we mean anything that can help them blend together easily, such as similarity in materials, textures, patterns or color coordinating.

 Faith leather bracelet

Faith Leather Bracelet

Ton sur ton is always the more popular choice. But if you feel like breaking constraints, then by all means try them!

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